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  Arts Formation & Conseil

Sylvie Angéla Lecerf  Fondatrice de la marque "lafilleduhangar"

After several years in the pharmaceutical industry, my choice of life headed which always accompanies me, creation and mainly sewing.

Originally from the North, I am looking for the light and color. Becoming creative and restorative shade custom was a no-brainer.

Manufacturer's and restorer of shade is little known, it is part of the official list of crafts. It was exercised by seamstresses discreetly, then this job is a little lost. Most of the current abat-jouristes are recognized as being from the creators.
I have long sought a school or training centre, in vain. There is no State diploma, and knowledge is transmitted shortly.
I learned as an autodidact, then I decided to create a training centre.

I provides a training programme for the trade of shade to measure individual and workshop for 4 years. Then the idea came to me to offer distance learning, which is very innovative in the world of Arts and crafts.
This type of training is aimed at people who work and cannot break free easily, to those that are geographically remote, or students who can come to do this training at the workshop and continue their development at home.
This shade to distance training is also addressed to persons with disabilities who cannot for one reason or another come. Alerted by the world of disability, I bring a special assistance for people who have an adult recognition disabled and that can be taken in charge by the Agefip.